iGAP – Internet Growth Acceleration Program – Apply Already!

You’re an Entrepreneur, right? You want to know how to do your business right? Right?

Ok, well get your ass over to the Enterprise Ireland and apply for the iGAP program. I attended this six month program last year and it was quite simply the best enterpreneur training I have ever done and you are talking to a guy who has been on a lot of training programs in the past few years.

Why is is so great? Well its designed to help people build online businesses. It has and outstanding posse of trainers including Ed Bussey (COO of Zyb), Jonathan Dillon (ex M&A at Yahoo), Sean Ellis (Marketing at Logmein, Drobox and Uproar Games), Oren Michels (CEO at Mashery) and a host of local experts.

The whole program is run by Brian Caulfield who may be the single most successful serial entrepreneur of our generation.

You couldn’t pay these guys to give you 30 minutes of their time normally, but each one of them has offered up several days of his time to give an oversight of their particular area of expertise.

You will leave iGAP with a killer pitch deck and the ability to deliver it, a believeable business model and customer acquisition plan and the knowledge that it has all be vetted and reviewed by some of the best in the business.

You have got to have rocks in your head the size of Gibraltar not to apply today. Go, now!

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