Changes its Name to

I used to slag my buddy Caelen King about the crappy name he chose for his medical tourism search engine Well, he bit the bullet recently and changed the name to the much better He also shared some great stats with me,

  • now has over half a million visitors a month up from 190,000 at the start of the year
  • Every day 800 people submit email inquiries to clinics on our site an an additional 900 people call clinics on our site.
  • The main treatment categories being looked for are; dental, doctors  plastic and beauty
  • The average treatment value being looked for €2,000
  • We do business in 20 different countries
  • UK is now our strongest market and is growing exceptionally well doesn’t just do overseas, it covers Ireland. For instance here are searches for Dublin and Newry.

With Anglo just having dropped another 8.2bn this quarter its great to see a business thriving amidst all the misery and woe.

Here’s a slideshare of Caelen that shows how they go about there business.

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