Dublin Startup Weekend @ The NDRC

Oct 1st to 3rd

Don’t forget to book tickets for Dublin Startup Weekend 1st – 3rd Oct @ http://dublin.startupweekend.org/


This event is an intense 54-hour event that brings together people with great ideas for web or mobile apps together to develop them from concepts to operational, launch-ready systems over the weekend.

We’re seeking a good mix of developers, designers, bus dev, marketers, and all round innovators, to make this event bigger and better than the last one.

The last event resulted in the incorporation of 3 start-up companies, all still working to develop their products, and everyone who took part (whether they went on to start-up or not) spoke of the value of the weekend.

• To register, visit: http://dublin.startupweekend.org/
• To express your interest, see who else is interested, and receive updates on the event over the coming weeks, visit:http://events.linkedin.com/Startup-Weekend-Dublin/pub/402541

• To read about the event in Silicon Republic, visit: http://www.siliconrepublic.com/start-ups/item/17540

Tickets cost €75 and numbers are limited.

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