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Enterprise Ireland Web 2.0 : Conference Notes

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Caveat : These are my unexpurgated notes. Some of it should make sense but some of it is just brain splurge. You have been warned.

Judy Gibbons:

Consumer behaviour is changing

  • PC Migration to consumer and merged devices
  • Servercentric development
  • Its all about timing
    • Netflix – Just deliver by post
    • Refresh Mobile – load software on mobiles
  • Web 1.0 created a platform based on search and credit card payment
  • All companies have web presence
  • Meta-searching market
  • Content created by the user (you can’t create all your own content as a single business)
  • EBay is a product selling platform (businesses as platforms)
  • Web 2.0 Environment
    • Communications
    • Search
    • Content
    • eCommerce
    • Community (My Space, Facebook)
  • No one will ever download anything
  • Need to auto customise (nobody changes their preferences or customises)
  • Hard to mobilise the end-user personally
  • People who “get” the enduser create fantastic businesses
  • Proximity and accessibility generates markets
    • Move from Bank Tellers to ATMs as an example
  • Get more done in less time
  • Different perspectives of network operators vs PC manufactureres
  • Business Models
    • Advertising – Solves classic problems (disruptive to trandtional models of advertising)
      • Audience Targetting
      • Pay for performance
      • Marketing pricing
      • Advertising industry is finding accountability quite hard
      • Contextual (adsense)
      • Demographics (niche) Facebook,
    • Subscriptions (SAAS), Edge Cases
    • Micro transactions
  • Forces of Freedom
    • Open Source
    • Lower barrier to entry
    • User in control
    • PC/Mobile Interplay
    • Virtuous Cycles of value
    • Global Flattening
    • More exit options
  • PC/Mobile Interplay is a key opportunity for Europe (GSM and PCs)
  • There is now a critical mass of VC, legal, financial resources available in London
  • There is an opportunity to build global companies out of Europe
  • Europe needs to understand different startup/funding models
  • Book recommendation “Raising Venture Capital” by Rupert Pierce and Simon Barnes.

Marc Canter:

  • Founded MacroMedia
  • Been in the business 25 years
  • Known as the Father of Multimedia
  • Took the 90’s off
  • Deliver compelling applications to end-users
  • Broadband Mechanics (Marc’s Company) creates Digital Lifestyle Aggregators (DLAs)
  • Personal Publishing, Structured Blogging,
  • Apple and Microsoft are the enemy
  • Their are no new ideas
  • Web 2.0 Factors
    • Broadband (dial should never have happened)
    • Open Source
    • Out Sourcing
  • Islands of functionality
  • New kinds of tools
  • International Market
  • Acquisition not IPO – Companies do not go up all the time -fuck that shit! (the stock market)
  • Attitude
    • How you change
    • How much you give away for free
    • What about the support thing
  • Paranoia
    • ISPs getting squeezed out by carriers
    • Data lookup – Google
    • Hollyweird
      • Struggling to understand new media
      • Napsterised
      • Bitorrented
      • PIXAR regularising downloading
  • Big/Small Balance
    • Innovation – Small
    • Infrastructure/Hosting/Bandwidth – Big
  • User Interface is an art form- creativity/convenience
  • How do I get rich?
    • Don’t need VCs
    • Success is relative to overhead (raise 2m sell for 20m, raise 10m have to sell for 100m)
  • Marc Canter doesn’t like John Doerr (’nuff said)
  • Whats wrong?
    • Entrepreneurs in corporate environment
    • why do mergers fail
    • Professional management can destroy anything
  • Want a million groups with 10 people in them as opposed to 1 group with ten million people in it
  • Personal Digital ID
    • Glue that ties us together
    • Digital lynch PIN
    • End Users
      • Control their data
      • Monetise their attention
      • Slice it up
    • Social networking as common as “Save As” and CDROM
    • Without a personal page you’ll be naked (imagine no phone number or no address)
  • Its about me not you
  • Hierarchy, me, friends and family, the rest
  • There are no consumers just end-users
  • Open Standards
    • Uptake and evangelism are the only factors that matter
    • Official standards bodies are not motivated or incentivised to complete their work
    • First beats better every time
  • Blogosphere
  • Peoples DNS – people will use different reputation systems

Adam Green

  • RSS is a mess
  • RSS normalisers are about making sense of this mess GDATA from google, VISTA
  • Microcontent: large numbers of producers, small numbers of consumers
  • Flickr APIs lockin via community rather than technology
  • Flickr creates end user DNA
  • MC: Need normalised APIs for calendaring, storage and photos

Jeff Clavier

  • Reuters, SoftTech Ventures
  • Web 2.0 Key Factors for success
  • Depends on your expected outcome
  • Its ongoing
  • I would not have invested in MySpace
  • Its all BS I just wanted to come to Dublin
  • Consumer Infrastructure – Cheaper, More Open, More Social
  • Lower cost of failure
  • Real scale costs (10m and up)
  • Success = how much money ends up in founders pockets
  • Keys to success
    • Sustained differentiation ( vs Amazon S3)
    • End user value
    • distribution
  • Don’t make me join all friends to get value
  • You can’t all be the “wikipedia of…” (e.g. not everybody can get that much high quality user generated content).
  • Value to the end user – Appeal to the Seven Sins
  • KISS
  • Adoption
    • No friction
    • Addictive (use counters, no of clicks, hits, visits etc.)
    • Limit churn/attrition
    • Think aggregation
  • Differentiation
    • be 100% better
    • be 100% bigger
    • Market: Aim High
  • Distribution
    • How do you get to your first million users
    • Do you have a real network effect?
    • Search engine – building a brand costs serious $$$$
    • Registrations are not valuable your first 10000 are the same 10000 that register for every new service
  • Business Models
    • Prepare for it
    • More than one – advertisting, branding, referrals, premiums
  • Technology
    • Who cares?
    • Don’t reinvent the wheel
  • What do VCs look for?
    • Team – track record, why, who the next hire
    • Better a good team with a bad idea than a bad team with a good idea
    • Plan – Needs, Milestones, what am I using the money for)
    • Ambition – What is it? 10m, 100m,1bn
  • Launch your product on TechCrunch
  • Dogster – $4 a year per user, get it to $7 a year per user and then grow the crap out of it

Daniel Waterhouse

  • Sector partner for 3i
  • Was at M&A at Yahoo
  • 1bn internet users
  • 30bn in classifieds
  • 70bn items of consumer content
  • 60bn services
  • 1trn transactions
  • Business Models
    • Advertising
    • Sponsored links
    • Qualified lead gen
    • Listings
    • Commerce
    • Paid for consumer service
  • Core Technology – Maps
  • Access data anywhere (no downloads)
  • Problems
    • Lots of companies
    • Lots of meToos
    • Lack of thought in business models
    • Feature businesses
    • No defensibility
    • Google will do it
    • mgmt teams with no experience
  • Many Web 2.0 companies may not need VC
  • Pricing is hot
  • Bubble 2.0
    • Large capital injections :NO
    • Downside for investors: NO
    • IPO Frenzy: NO
    • Many companies will fail: YES
    • Blogosphere self fulfilment
  • 10 Characteristics of great web companies
    • Solves a real customer problem
    • Passionate founders, savvy engineers
    • First mover advantage
    • Rapidly growing customer base ( exponential)
    • Watches metrics of business like a hawk and reacts quickly (kelkoo)
    • Valuable, proprietary, hard to replicate technology (navtecq map database)
    • Product is simple, easy to use and is fun
    • Business model – it has one

Nasser Batley

  • Alliances guy are DRKW
  • Web 1.0 Failures
    • Webvan IPO $375m. Crashed and burned
    • IPO $82.5m. Crashed and burned
    • raised $280. Crahsed and burned.
    • IPO $166m. crashed and burned.
  • Web 2.0 Successes

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May 2, 2006 at 1:09 pm

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  1. […] I took a lot of notes at the recent Web 2.0 conference and transcribed them from my own awful handwriting. I had great plans to write it up properly but work and buggy software conspired against me.  So if you can stomach my disjointed and staccato note style you should browse over to Enterprise Ireland Web 2.0 : Conference Notes for my transcribed notes. All errors and omissions are mine and apologies to any of the speakers I misquoted. Reminder of the speakers, […]


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